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Freight Rail Service

OSR’s Freight Rail Service is synonymous with safety and industry-leading reliability. With a commitment to unmatched customer satisfaction, we provide seamless and efficient freight transportation solutions that outperform traditional trucking. Our infrastructure supports heavy axle rail cars that can handle up to 286,000 lbs gross weight. Choose OSR for top-tier service that ensures your cargo arrives safely and on time.

Transloading Possibilities

Bridge the gap between rail and road transportation. Designed to cater to shippers and receivers without rail spurs or proper facilities, OSR services specialized transload facilities that handle freight to and from railcars with precision and speed. Let OSR connect you with existing transload facilities for hassle-free, cost-effective transloading solutions that keep your supply chain moving.

Industrial Development

OSR is your partner in growth. We assist our clients in building and expanding tracks to support their industrial operations. With our expertise and dedication, we provide tailored solutions that empower your business to thrive and expand its footprint.

Industrial Switching

Efficiency meets convenience with OSR’s Industrial Switching service. Our team of experts offers contracted industrial railcar switching and comprehensive on-site rail solutions. Trust OSR to streamline your rail operations, ensuring smooth and efficient processes.

Railcar Storage

OSR offers smart solutions for efficient storage and movement of your railcars. We categorize railcars, enabling fluid movement and optimizing the space available. With OSR, your railcar storage needs are handled with precision and care.

Infrastructure as
a Service

OSR is your partner in designing, building, operating, and maintaining rail infrastructure. For our existing customers, we create and maintain essential rail infrastructure, ensuring track safety and optimal efficiency for your operations.

Locomotive Leasing

Whether it’s for short-term projects, seasonal demand spikes, or long-term operations, OSR’s locomotive leasing services offer a flexible and customizable fleet of locomotives. Let OSR handle the maintenance and servicing needed to ensure your locomotives are in optimal working condition, thereby reducing downtime and operational disruptions.


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